Transvestite Soup Open Auditions on November 6, 2021!

Photo of the cast rehearsing in the theater with text that says Open Auditions November 6th!

Its time for open auditions for the Transvestite Soup Rocky Horror cast!

Come show us what you have on November 6, from 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

All parts are currently being casted except Franknfurter. Why not Frank, you ask? Because we want you to get a feel for the show and work with others before diving straight into the deep end of the pool.

Open auditions will be held at:

Geek Partnership Society
The Waterbury Building
1121 NE Jackson St
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Room 107

Follow the signs when you get there.

Want to join the cast but not ready to audition or don’t want to be in the spotlight? Crew needs you! Join us at the audition to talk to members of crew about what it’s like.

Things to know:

  • All Cast and Crew MUST be 18, we might ID you
  • For everyone’s safety All Cast and Crew is required to be fully vaccinated

When you audition you’ll need to be ready to perform a given scene featuring the character for which you want to audition. We’re not looking for you to be seamless but we do expect you to have a grasp of the character’s personality and be able to lip-synch and body-synch without dropping out of character. Don’t worry if you’re not absolutely perfect. The important thing is demonstrating that you put some effort into learning the part and you can be taught. The whole thing really is quite casual, trust us.

For the following parts, please be ready to do the following scenes with us:

  • Janet: Toucha Touch Me
  • Brad: Dammit Janet
  • Riff: Beginning of Time Warp
  • Magenta: Beginning of Time Warp
  • Columbia: Time Warp and her Floor Show solo from Rose Tint My World
  • Rocky: Sword of Damocles
  • Eddie: Hot Patootie
  • Dr. Scott: Eddie’s Teddy
  • Crim: First speech (‘I would like” if I may…’)

For more information about auditioning, please check out the Join Cast page.

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