Join Cast

Don’t be frightened; it only hurts the first time and we’ll be gentle.

Transvestite Soup is always looking for more performers and crew members to join our weird little company. No previous theater experience is required (though it is a bonus!) Casting is colorblind, bodytypeblind, and genderblind. Performers must be at least 18 years old.

Please contact us online or introduce yourself at a show if you’d like to audition!

Auditioning for Transvestite Soup

Two people on stage dressed as transvestites during the time warpWhen you audition for a part on cast, you’ll need to be ready to perform a given scene featuring the character for which you want to audition. We’re not looking for you to be a seamless part of the scene (for one thing, real blocking is never like watching the movie), but we do expect you to have a grasp of the character’s personality to be able to lip-synch and body-synch without looking at the screen or dropping character.

Don’t worry if you’re not absolutely perfect. The important thing is demonstrating that you put some effort into learning the part and you can be taught. The whole thing really is quite casual, trust us.

For the following parts, please be ready to do the following scenes with us:

  • Frank: Sweet Transvestite (must be on cast and have performed in another role before auditioning for Frank)
  • Janet: Toucha Touch Me
  • Brad: Dammit Janet
  • Riff: Time Warp
  • Magenta: Time Warp
  • Columbia: Time Warp and her Floor Show solo from Rose Tint My World
  • Rocky: Sword of Damocles
  • Eddie: Hot Patootie
  • Dr. Scott: Eddie’s Teddy
  • Crim: First speech (‘I would like” if I may…’)
What To Wear to your Audition

Don’t go out and buy a whole costume if you don’t already have one. Just dress as appropriately for the scene as you can from what you have (or can beg from friends.) If you don’t have anything even close, just try to wear something that gets the right feel across. Save the buying costumes for when you get on cast. Then you’ll get to go buy/make/find all the costume pieces. But we’ll give you plenty of tips about costuming and help out where we can. Building your costume takes some creativity—especially if you’re broke—but it’s part of the blissful joy of it all.

Cast members performing on stage during Sword of Damocles

Performing with Transvestite Soup

Transvestite Soup is an entirely volunteer cast; nobody gets paid for doing this. We do it because it’s fun and we love it. As a cast member, you are expected to come to at least one cast meeting or rehearsal per month. (We tend to have fun at meetings and rehearsals so these gatherings are actually pretty enjoyable.) You will also be added to our cast-only email list and Facebook group, and be invited to cast parties.

Cast members performing Sweet Transvestite at GalaxyCon

Once you’ve got a workable costume put together and we feel you know your part well enough, you’ll be ready to go on stage. You might be asked to play a different role occasionally if we’re short-staffed, and you can also ask to play a different role sometimes yourself—especially Switch Nights, which are specifically for that. Even if you’re not performing on a given night, it’s a big help if you can bring your costume to a show just in case someone has an emergency and cannot perform.

Our changing area has very little privacy, so it’s best if you’re comfortable with fellow cast members seeing you in your skivvies (or less!) Everyone is very respectful generally, but there definitely is no room for modesty in the changing area.

Joining Crew

Transvestite Soup crew helps with prop building, prop moving, lights, special effects, and whatever needs doing to help the cast on stage.

Crew members come to the show wearing black and are treated as full members of the cast for all intents and purposes, including being added to our cast-only email list and Facebook group, and being invited to cast meetings, rehearsals, and parties. If you’re looking to join crew, please contact us online or introduce yourself at a show.