Transvestite Soup: MN’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast

Cast member dressed as Columbia in sequened corset and tailcoat raising their arms and smilingWelcome to the official website of Transvestite Soup! We perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the historic Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN!

Please consult the Parkway Theater website for current information on COVID-19 precautions and requirements. All cast and crew are fully vaccinated, and taking masking and distancing precautions to ensure as safe and comfortable a show as possible.

We also host parties at local conventions, and are available for special events!

Did you know that Rocky Horror has been performed in the Twin Cities since the 1970s? Check out our About page for more Rocky Horror history in Minnesota.

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“Don’t dream it, be it…”

two cast members in floorshow corsets on either side of the Parkway frosted window, smiling
Rocky's birth scene, with cast members in costume acting it out in front of the screen